10 to a Million Campaign

ACP Services PAC 10 to a Million Campaign!

What’s the Campaign About?

With 100,000 eligible giving members, ACP Services PAC has the potential to be one of the strongest voices in Washington DC. We want to be a stronger voice for internal medicine and increase our influence in the political process. We are challenging each of our 100,000 eligible giving members to make a small contribution of just $10 to help us build our political action committee (PAC) and reach a Million Dollars!!!!

Why Launch the 10 to a Million Campaign?

Compared to our peers, we are the smallest PAC -- with less than a 1% member participation level. Together, we can change that!  With your support of only $10, we can stand out from the crowd, build the voice of internal medicine, and rival our peers.

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Still not convinced? Take a look at how ACP Services stacks up against its peers.

Participation of Eligible Membership Pool*

Eligable Membership Pool

What can your $10 do?

  • Helps build relationships with federal lawmakers
  • Supports candidates who support internal medicine
  • Increases our relevance in the healthcare debate
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What is ACP Services PAC?

ACP Services PAC is a legal and transparent way to collectively pool funds to support candidates who support us! Your contributions help the PAC engage directly with members of Congress on behalf of internal medicine.

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