Board of Directors


Dr. Raminder S Gill, MD, FACP
Sacramento, CA

Immediate Past Chair


Vice Chair



George Lyons, Esq.
American College of Physicians Services, Inc.
Washington, DC


Dr. Renee Carter, MD, FACP
Henrico, VA
Dr. Cynthia Jumper, MD, MPH, MACP
Lubbock, TX
Dr. Matthew Hollon, MD, MPH, FACP
Spokane, WA
Dr. Amy Davis, DO, FACP
Bryn Mawr, PA
Dr. Elisa Choi, MD, FACP
Boston, MA
Dr. Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP
North Scituate, RI
Dr. Jenny Silberger, MD, FACP
Portland, OR
Dr. Lee Engel, MD, FACP
New Orleans, LA
Fred Campbell, MD, MACP
San Antonio, TX
David Hilden, MD, FACP
Minneapolis, MN
Parag Mehta, MD, FACP
New Hyde Park, NY
Fadel Nammour, MD, FACP
West Fargo, ND


Gregory Rovick
PAC Administrator

Jessica Davis
PAC Advisor