State Chapter Competition

ACP Services PAC has launched a state competition in 2024 to promote participation in our critical advocacy network and our PAC.  For those of you are not familiar with our PAC, it is one of our most valuable advocacy tools that we have at the national level to promote the interests of internal medicine and also to elect lawmakers who support our legislative agenda.

Looking at the chart below, you will find ACP Services PAC in red compared to our medical peers’ PACs. We have over 100,000 eligible members able to give to our PAC, yet we are one of the smallest PACs in terms of advocacy power, dollars raised, and participation level of our members among physician societies.

The chart above is the reason why we are reaching out to our states to help lead our state competition to build our PAC and become a stronger voice for internal medicine.

The state competition began at the 2024 Internal Medicine Meeting in April. We are recognizing states that signs up the most members according to the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level labeled in the chart below. We will also recognize the state which raises the most dollars at each level. The winning states and Governors will be recognized at the Fall Board of Governors meeting.

Please take a look at your state’s latest PAC participation information for 2024, including your state’s:

  • Eligible number of members
  • Overall participation rate; and
  • Total amount of contributions

We also have included a microdonation form to help collect names of members who have committed to signing up in your state or have already donated online at

If you need additional information or a sample email for member outreach, please let PAC staff know at We want you to have all the tools for your state to succeed and thank you for helping out PAC thrive!