ACP Services Board Nominations Process for Open PAC Board Seats

Each year, the ACP Services Board of Directors seeks four individuals to serve on the Board of Directors of ACP Services PAC, a term that begins upon the conclusion of the ACP Services Board meeting in July of each year. Established in 2004, ACP Services PAC is the bipartisan political action committee sponsored by the American College of Physicians Services, Inc. Members of the PAC's Board of Directors are selected for three-year terms and are not eligible for reappointment. A nominations committee convened by the ACP Services Board of Directors will make recommendations to the ACP Services Board on individuals to fill the four vacancies on the PAC Board.

The 15-member PAC Board of Directors is responsible for the PAC's fundraising activities and for approving contributions made to candidates running for federal office who meet the PAC's contribution guidelines. The PAC Board meets in person once annually in Washington, DC, in conjunction with Leadership Day and conducts other business as needed by telephone and email. The estimated hours required for participation on the PAC board are five per month.


Nominees must be current members of ACP Services PAC who have a demonstrated interest in political, legislative, and campaign processes. Board members are expected to attend the annual meeting of the PAC Board; actively promote the PAC; participate in peer-to-peer fundraising activities; and take part in the decision-making process for candidate selection, including making contribution decisions based upon the best interests of ACP Services, regardless of a candidate's party affiliation.

Potential nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Current membership in ACP Services PAC.
  • Active participation in the political process through, for example, membership in ACP Services' Advocates for Internal Medicine Network, previous tenure on a medical PAC board, or participation in local, state, or national politics.
  • Experience or interest raising funds for ACP Services PAC or other organizations is highly desirable.
  • Attendance at the annual meeting of the PAC Board, held in conjunction with Leadership Day (typically in May every year); participation on conference calls as needed; responding to requests for recommendations for candidate support on a timely basis; and meeting other obligations of the Board, as needed.
  • Desire to promote ACP Services PAC and participate in peer-to-peer fundraising activities (e.g., at meetings, as appropriate; and one-on-one, via phone and via e-mail).
  • Willingness to attend candidate fundraisers, if geographically appropriate.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities that might be reflected by service and active participation on other ACP Services' committees or in other components of the organization.
  • Resident participation on the PAC Board is desired, and nominations for residents interested in serving on the Board are strongly encouraged.   
  • Geographic balance and gender diversity are other factors taken into consideration.

Selection Process

Any PAC member may nominate him or herself or one or more colleagues. Final selection of the four members to serve on the PAC board will be made by the ACP Services Board of Directors at its July meeting, based on the recommendations of the ACP Services Nominations Committee.

  • To nominate someone to serve on the PAC Board, please complete and submit the brief ACP Services PAC Board Nomination Form no later than May 25 of the current year for consideration for the July term. 

More information on ACP Services PAC is available on the PAC's website at